Our Services 

Animals-en-Route provides a comprehensive service for pet owners arranging pet travel for dogs and cats, within South Africa and Internationally.

Animal Transport:

  • We provide domestic and international pet travel for your dog or cat.
  •  Our pet relocation service includes export, import and in-transit transiting of your pet via South Africa.
  • Whether by road or by air, we ensure that your dog or cat arrives at his or intended destination safely.
  • We provide a door-to-door service to collect and drop off your pet.
  • We provide a door-to-airport service which means you can meet your pet at the airport.
  • We provide airport-to-airport pet travel for those pet parents who want to drop off and collect their animal at the airport.


Documentation, Customs & Clearance:

  • Animals-en-Route provides assistance with full documentation, customs clearances and permits needed for local and international pet travel.
  • We can arrange import permits if necessary.
  • We advise on state vet requirements.
  • We provide pet travel crates (plastic & heat-treated wooden crates).
  • We make all flight bookings for your pet.


Quarantine & Health Advice:

  • We advise our clients on vaccinations necessary for travel in South Africa and internationally. This includes rabies vaccinations and general Feline and Canine vaccinations.
  • We can advise on microchips.
  • We can advise and arrange on health certificates for your pet.


Additional services:

  • Cross-border services  
  • Kenneling  


Please contact us for more information